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Protecting Your Kid’s Vision

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common vision problem that affects millions of children worldwide. As their eyes grow and develop, children with myopia experience blurry distance vision, which can make learning and everyday activities more challenging.

Fortunately, at Beloit Family Eye Care, we offer a variety of myopia control methods, including MiSight and CRT lenses, and atropine eye drops. Dr. Kelley is also proud to be a member of the InfantSEE program.

Managing myopia early is essential to preserve your child’s vision. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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What Is the Main Cause of Myopia?

Myopia occurs when the eyeball is too long, or the cornea is curved too steeply. As a result, light doesn’t focus correctly on the retina, which can cause distant objects, like a whiteboard at school, to appear blurry. 

Myopia can affect your child’s academic performance and future eye health when left uncorrected. Our team strives to help children excel both inside and outside the classroom.

The Benefits of Myopia Control for Children

Controlling myopia early on in your child’s life can have a significant impact on their long-term eye health and overall well-being. Some of the most significant benefits of myopia control can include:

  • Better academic performance
  • Lower risk of developing eye diseases
  • Reduced risk of developing high myopia

By implementing myopia control methods, you can help your children thrive in school and help reduce their risk of developing serious eye conditions later in life.

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Our Myopia Control Methods

If your child is experiencing difficulties with their eyesight, it can make everyday tasks at school, such as reading from a distance, seeing the board, and participating in sports and activities, more challenging. This can cause stress and confusion for your kids, which can impact their academic performance and overall confidence. 

If your child has undiagnosed myopia, it may be difficult for them to keep up with their peers. Our myopia control methods are designed to help slow myopia progression and help your kids see clearly and excel.

MiSight Contact Lenses

MiSight contact lenses are soft contacts designed to correct nearsightedness while simultaneously slowing down myopia progression. With daily disposable lenses, your child will wear a new pair every day, making them a convenient and hygienic option.

MiSight lenses can help slow the progression of myopia in children aged 8 to 12 at the initiation of treatment. Studies have shown that MiSight lenses slow the progression of myopia by an average of 59%.

Corneal refractive therapy (CRT) lenses are an effective option for myopia control. This method involves wearing specially designed gas-permeable contact lenses while sleeping. The lenses reshape the cornea overnight, leading to clearer vision during the day without the need for glasses or contacts.

CRT lenses are a great option for active children who don’t want to worry about glasses or contacts during the day.

Studies have shown that a low dose of atropine in eye drop form can help slow the progression of myopia in children to prevent severe nearsightedness.

Low-dose atropine drops can work by suppressing the eye’s growth to slow down the progression of myopia. This treatment is typically prescribed as a daily drop administered in the evening before bedtime.

Helping Your Children See Clearly

We understand the importance of protecting your kids’ vision. If you’re interested in learning more about myopia control and which method would be best for your child’s specific needs, please book an appointment with our experienced team.

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